Shopping Around

Good Quality and Low Prices

Nobody Resists this Combination

One of the best activities is Sofia Shopping; I do it very often and can state this is the best pill for every ache :). You are in Bulgaria and you want to bring something back for memory, or for present or you want to refresh your wardrobe – okay shopping in Sofia is delightful pursuit.

Sofia Shopping Tip:

My recommendation is to buy Bulgarian goods, because imported brands are from 20 to 100 % more expensive than the same goods at the shops in Western Europe and America. When I travel, I like to shop Zara, Nike, Red Green, Mango because these brands are very expensive in Bulgaria.

My Sofia Shopping Pearls:

Mall of Sofia
Mall of Sofia is a nice place for shopping, drinking coffee, watching movies and meeting with friends.

Pretty Things Shop
Indulge in Pretty Things shop and find out original and hand made gift ideas for kids, moms, home and friends.

Souvenirs Shop
Watch videos from the best souvenirs shop in Sofia – see what you can buy – Bulgarian embroidery, pottery, national costumes etc.

Flea Market
Buy antiques, hand made goods, icons, old weapons, music instruments, medals, etc.