Sofia Tips and Tricks

Sofia is a magical place – here you can meet your love, learn to feel the life and you can do what you want to do. You know, every place has its own special features and on this page I will try to summarize all of them and you can use this like a guide to local habits.

This page is a must to read, because we, Bulgarians, do things sometimes totally different from the other world and I don’t want misunderstandings to spoil your travel to Bulgaria and Sofia.

Visa for Bulgaria
Before you book a ticket to Sofia, check here weather you need a visa for Bulgaria.

Money Exchange Rates
Learn how to exchange money in Sofia safely and wisely.

How to find Internet in Sofia.

Taxi Cabs
How to catch a cheap taxi in Sofia and how to distinguish scam from real taxi cabs.


How to cross the street
Knowledge how to cross the streets will help to feel closer to locals.

Shacking head to say Yes or Now


Learn about alternatives of public toilets in Sofia.

Electricity, adaptors


Public transport



Drinking water
To drink water from the tap or mineral water or both?

Car parking