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Bulgaria Mineral Water

In Bulgaria drinking of mineral water was not popular 5 years ago

Usually Bulgarians drink water from the tap. The water from the tap can be used for cooking, washing and bath. 20 years ago mineral water was considered as healing water and only people with specific health problems had drunken mineral water. In the past the most popular brand was “Hisar” mineral water. It is still one of the top popular brands.

Hisar mineral water bottles look like this

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Do You Need a Visa for Bulgaria?

Before you book a ticket for Sofia, check if you need a visa for Bulgaria. Most of you have ordinary passport type, but because I took this information from Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they support complete list with all types of travel reasons, I decided to put the complete information.

So, if you just travel, check whether you need a visa for Bulgaria at the last column “Ordinary passport”.
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Money Exchange Rates in Sofia

While your plane is landing on Sofia airport may be the first question that comes to your mind is “What are money exchange rates in Sofia?”.

The answer of this question is very easy – you don’t have to care about money exchange rates because in mid-1997, the monetary regime in Bulgaria underwent an abrupt institutional change – from a discretional Central Bank to a Currency Board Arrangement.

In other words in Bulgaria there is fixed exchange rate for euro, 1 euro=1.95583 BGN. All ATMs in Bulgaria operates with local currency – for example if you want to withdraw 100 euros, you will receive their equivalent in BGN (or as local people call to their currency – “lev” is singular form, “leva” is plural form).
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