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The Central Hali in Sofia

*You may notice that after “Hali” I’m using “are” and after that it’s shown that it’s one building, not two or more.

This is because in Bulgarian the word “Hali” is in plural form and no matter that the place is one we are talking as if there are more.

The name means “The Halles”. It’s a direct translation from French.
»» The Central Hali in Sofia

Where is the best Bulgarian Souvenirs Shop in Sofia?

There are many souvenirs shops in Sofia, don’t be afraid you can buy souvenirs even when you leave Sofia, after check in at Sofia airport there are some souvenirs shop.

Royal Palace in Sofia

But if you want to enjoy Bulgarian folk art and crafts I recommend to visit souvenir shop in the Royal Palace (at the same building is National Ethnographic museum).

The shop is at Sofia city center, the address is 2 Alexander Batenberg square. When you climb the stairs, enter Royal Palace and on the right is the door of souvenir shop.

Watch the movie at Royal Palace Souvenir Shop

Here you can buy very nice Bulgarian souvenirs.
»» Where is the best Bulgarian Souvenirs Shop in Sofia?

Mall of Sofia

Usually in my weekend schedule there is always booked visit at Mall of Sofia. I like this place not because of shopping possibilities but because this is a place where young people love to go for a coffee, to meet friends, to watch the latest movies and of course there are hundred shops.

Watch the atmosphere at Mall of Sofia

Usually we fist go to the third floor to buy cinema tickets, because the good seats are sold very quickly – I like to watch movie at the center of the row and at the center of the cinema hall. You need to buy thickets minimum one hour in advance if you want to have good seats. I like to have 2 hours for coffee and shopping before watching movie.
»» Mall of Sofia

Sofia Shopping Ideas – Pretty Things Shop

Even you are devoted to Sofia shopping it is less probably to get into Pretty Things shop. This small store is at the heart of Sofia, very close to the Patriarh Evtimii Str. (one of the important streets in Sofia), but its entrance is from 6th September Str. UPDATE: The shop is not at this address any more :( I don’t know where they move.

If you go there with taxi cab, tell to the drive to bring you to the corner of the above streets. The exact address is 21B Patriarh Evtimii Str, entrance is on 6th September str.

Pretty Things Shop in Sofia

This small store is amazing, full of colors and brightness. Even if you don’t buy anything it is nice view for your eyes.
»» Sofia Shopping Ideas – Pretty Things Shop