Why Sofia and Bulgaria

Why Sofia, Bulgaria… The very best of the European Union

It is really simple!Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and provides a focus for business, entertainment, and relaxation.

You can use Sofia as starting point for various trips, because everywhere in Bulgaria is no more than 6 hours drive from Sofia (mainly because the roads are not good, not because of the long distances).

  • Sofia is the biggest city in Bulgaria and is very close to wild places with cozy places to stay. You can drive 1 or 2 hours outside of Sofia and you will discover innocent places where Nature is preserved. You can sleep in small villages and enjoy the hospitability of local people. You will never stay without food or shelter, there are always kind people who will invite you into their homes (these are not hostels or hotels, I mean normal houses of ordinary people). Every city has a party club where you can dance and have fun with young people.
  • Sofia is situated between the mountains of Vitosha, Lulin, and Verila; there are forest walks in summer or skiing in the winter. Bulgaria has 4 seasons and you can have fun in all of them – skiing, sunbathing, and relaxing in a spa location. There are several places in Bulgaria with mineral water sources with healing power for many diseases.
  • After ten o’clock at night, the streets of Sofia become alive. Groups of young people go out to have fun in dance clubs. It is popular to start night in one club, after that to go to another and at five in the morning to have a late dinner (or early breakfast) in one of many non stop pizza restaurants.
  • Sofia is full of young people, especially in the Students’ town – which is a Sofia district with hostels for students. Most of the Universities in Sofia are located in the Sudents’ town, which is calm only in the morning when all students are still asleep after regular partying. Maybe you want to ask when they study? Okay, there is time for everything :)li>
  • Bulgarian cuisine is delicious, organic and you can’t resist it. There are many small restaurants where you can eat until you die :) and you will pay no more than 10 leva per person (5 euros or $7). Bulgarian wine is of fine vintage and at a very affordable price.
  • Life in the small cities and villages is easy going, slow and you can enjoy tranquility. You don’t see people walking fast, heavy traffic, angry faces or shouting people. Everything is going at the speed of a tortoise.
  • We don’t have many restrictions – for example you can smoke in restaurants and cafes, you can sunbathe nude or topless, dance clubs are opened until there are customers.
  • Bulgarian women are beautiful. I like very much to sit in a café, drinking cocktails and enjoying nice view of girls walking down the main street of Burgas (my native city). Especially in the summer you can see tanned shoulders, legs and smiling teenagers who fill the main street with laugh and hubbub – a very inspiring and recharging view :).
  • There are many sacred and high energy places in Bulgaria. A famous Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga (Grandmother Vanga) died a few years ago. She lived in the countryside in a place called Rupite Mountain, a must visit place in Bulgaria.
  • Services and goods are affordable (excluding imported goods, they are 20% more expensive than these in USA and Europe) – a 1 bedroom apartment can be rented for under 100 euros ($150) monthly, 2 bedrooms for 150 euros ($200); a haircut is 5 euros ($7), massage is 13 euros ($17), paying to external accountant is 50-100 euros monthly ($70-$140); to hire a woman to clean your house is up to 100 euros ($140) monthly, she will come every day.
  • Bulgarians in general like foreigners and discrimination is not popular here. I was very surprised to understand that the word “negar” we use for black-skinned people is considered very offensive in America and all over the world. Here we would call “negar” or “negri” (in plural) all black-skinned people – Afro-Americans, Africans and other; it is the same as we call ourselves “Bulgarians” or the people in China “Chinese” – nothing with an offensive meaning on a racial or ethnic basis..

I can continue to write why you really must visit Sofia and Bulgaria, but it is better to read in detail the most interesting topic for you. Use the search box below to easily find the information you want.