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Etara – Return to the past

Etara, or Etar is old Bulgarian village, now it is a village-museum, where you can touch the past!

Article by Ali Grigorova

You are walking on the beaten track and in some kind it’s becoming nice to your heart….

A bagpipe is singing somewhere with a brisk voice. The birds take up the song and fly off with a rush along the craftsman houses, as if they feel the emotion in your heart.
»» Etara – Return to the past


To Discover the Land of Orpheus, The Devil’s throat and Yagodinska caves.

27 kilometers away from Devin, not far from the border that separates Bulgaria and Greece, is situated the village of Trigrad.

Village houses have firmly stitched to the rocks of the Rodope Mountains and altogether form that small village.
»» Trigrad

Burgas is the Capital of South-East Bulgaria

I was born in Burgas and proudly want to show you its beauty – the sea garden, the beach and the artistic spirit that lives there.

Note: you can see Burgas written as Bourgas in other resources. I prefer the first way.

My favorite place in Burgas is the sea garden

It is situated along the beach and is a place where people like to meet, have a walk, drink coffee, have fun and even sleep! The sea garden is full of greens – different types of trees, plants and grass. It is very relaxing to walk the alleys while your eyes meet beautiful green views. You can sit on a bench and watching the fountain or reading a book.
»» Burgas is the Capital of South-East Bulgaria

Map of European Union

On the 1st of January, 2007 the map of European Union was enlarged with 2 more countries – Bulgaria and Romania. With this accession the number of countries members of EU became 27.

map of European Union
»» Map of European Union