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Bulgaria is Paradise

Travel Around Bulgaria
Friday, September 19, 2008
Bulgaria FactsFlag of Bulgaria– Population: 7,7 mln

– Language: Bulgarian

– Currency: Lev, pl. Leva, BGN

– Dominant payment method: cash

– 28 provinces

– Measures: km, kg, Celsius

– Alphabet: Cyrillic

Bulgaria is a magical place.

After your first visit you will come back regularly because you will fall in love for life.

What’s new:

On this page I will show you the best places to visit in Bulgaria.

Armed with my camera I shoot videos, meet interesting people and write articles about adventure travel directions in my country.

Below you can read about my traveling around Bulgaria, take a cup of juice and plan your travel directions.

I was born in Burgas and proudly want to show you its beauty – the Bourgas sea garden, the beach and the artistic spirit that lives there.

Trigrad is a small, wild villiage famous because of its proximity to Devil’s and Yagodinska(Strawberry) caves.

A village where you can see how old Bulgaria looks – preserved old houses, crafts and even you can take a course how to do wood, leather or other crafts.

Ahtopol coast from

During the summer (June-August) all Bulgarians like to relax on the Black Sea Coast, where days are warm and sunny and nights are unforgettable.

The night life starts at 11 p.m. and you can dance, drink, eat and have fun until the morning.

Clubs have only beginning of the working time; nobody will limit you when to quit your fun.

Ahtopol from

If you like sunbathing without many people around I recommend going to Bulgarian Black Sea coast in May and September.

The sun light is very gentle and you can spend all day lying on the beach with good book or drink. The sea water is cold in May, for my taste it is enough warm after June :).
For people who plan to study sea sports, Bulgaria is a nice place to take classes because prices are very enticing.

Why not plan your two weeks or a month vacation and take everyday lessons in wind surfing, diving, kite surfing.

Elenino lake from

Summer in Bulgaria is nice to climb mountains, to sleep near the lake in a tent or in a hostel. You can join small groups of people who cross a mountain for a week or two.

It is absolutely recharging activity by the words of my friends who are fans of mountain climbing (sorry I am born in Burgas, city situated on the Black Sea coast, and I can’t resist spending every free day on the sea).

Skiing in Borovetz from

Winter in Bulgaria is between December and February. This time is famous for skiing and snowboarding.

I am an awful skier, I can win first prize in “Best home skiing videos” lol. But I like to sit with a cup of tea (with cognac) and a good book by the fireside while outside is snowing.
Bulgaria is a preferred travel direction because it combines budget travel and adventure travel.