Getting There

Air Travel to Bulgaria

If you live in Europe, air travel to Bulgaria is the fast option

Bulgaria is no more than about 3 hours away from almost every European city, and from many points of departure is two hours or less.

Intercontinental air travel can often involve a connecting flight; flights from the USA to Bulgaria often involve two flights, one to a Western European city, then an onward flight from that city to Sofia.

The flight time is 12-18 hours, but add in the stopover time and you may find total traveling time is 24 hours or so – but it’s well worth it as you’ll find out once you arrive!

Companies flying to Bulgaria

Hemus air
Hemus Air have flights from around 20 countries. Check the check Hemus air website for cheap air fares to Bulgaria. As well as Sofia, they also fly Bourgas and Varna.

Bulgaria air
Bulgaria Air fly mainly within Europe. Check for cheap air fare to Bulgaria.

Lufthansa have flights from 70 countries from Europe, South and North America, Asia and Africa, check for discount air fares.

SKY Europe
True to their name, flights from Europe to Bulgaria. Check Sky Europe website.

Olympic Airlines
Flights from Europe and beyond. Check for air line tickets to Bulgaria.

Aegean Airlines
Mainly European flights, check for tickets to Bulgaria.

Turkish Airlines
Air travel to Bulgaria from many continents. Check availability.

Worldwide. Check for discount air fares.

Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines depart from many locations to Bulgaria. Book tickets.

British Airways
Air travel to Bulgaria from a huge list of countries. Check flights schedule.

Air France
Another reputable company – flights all over the world. Book tickets.

Flights to many destinations, check for cheap air fares to Bulgaria.

Czech Airlines
Another company with flights not only within Europe, check tickets prices.

Flying mainly within Europe, check available tickets

Flights from Europe and America, check for air travel to Bulgaria availabilities.

Not a big list of destinations, but check for discount airfares.

Viaggio Air
This is a small Bulgarian company, operating mainly charters, check for cheap air fare to Bulgaria.

Wizz Air
Very cheap flights, watch out for additional fees. Check for tickets.

Bulgaria has 4 airports for civil flights:

– Sofia airport.

– Bourgas (Burgas) airport. You can drive to Sofia – 4-5 hours, by bus – 6 hours.

– Varna airport. The drive to Sofia is 5-6 hours.

– Plovdiv airport. The drive to Sofia is 1,5 hours.