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Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”

One of the most impressive buildings in Sofia is the edifice of Sofia University.

I believe few of you can remember a place in the world where the University is in the heart of the city.

The land and the money for the construction of the building were part of the will of the trader and banker Evlogi Georgiev and his brother Christo Georgiev (whose statutes are sitting in front of the University, sculptor K. Shivarov).

The University exists from October 1st 1888 when Prof. Ivan Shishmanov started teaching history and philology. But the institution of higher education did not yet inhabit the present building. The foundation stone of Sofia University’s new edifice was laid on 30 June 1924.
»» Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”

Burgas is the Capital of South-East Bulgaria

I was born in Burgas and proudly want to show you its beauty – the sea garden, the beach and the artistic spirit that lives there.

Note: you can see Burgas written as Bourgas in other resources. I prefer the first way.

My favorite place in Burgas is the sea garden

It is situated along the beach and is a place where people like to meet, have a walk, drink coffee, have fun and even sleep! The sea garden is full of greens – different types of trees, plants and grass. It is very relaxing to walk the alleys while your eyes meet beautiful green views. You can sit on a bench and watching the fountain or reading a book.
»» Burgas is the Capital of South-East Bulgaria

3 Miracle Working Icons in Sofia from 3 Bulgarian Monasteries

Three miracle working icons gathered in Sofia to help discharge Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor locked up in Lebanon jail. All three icons of Virgin Mary are famous because of the miracles they can do and Bulgarians believe that if all people come at one place and pray together this is enormous power in favor of unfair kept in prison nurses and doctor.

Queue in front of Alexander Nevski for miracle working icons of virgin Mary

The initial plan was to return back icons in their monasteries after the pray, but people from all parts of Bulgaria continue coming and waiting to see icons from close.

There was a huge queue in front of the Alexander Nevski cathedral. These days temperatures in Sofia were very high but even under the danger of heat stroke people patiently wait for their turn to see miracle working icons of Virgin Mary.
»» 3 Miracle Working Icons in Sofia from 3 Bulgarian Monasteries