Best Sofia Restaurants

Reviews of Best Sofia Restaurants

On this page you can read about tested and recommended by me Sofia restaurants

Bulgarian cuisine is very delicious, very different
and you must try all typical Bulgarian meals.

Below you can see Sofia restaurants that I experienced by myself or my friends generously wrote reviews.

I like to take pictures and make movies, hope you’ll enjoy my try to be original and funny:

Etno, Sofia restaurant

Sofia restaurant Etno is amazing. As a local resident, I love it – the cuisine, the wine, the atmosphere … Etno restaurant has a place deeply in my heart!

Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant

Pod Lipite
One of many Sofia restaurants with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Indulge yourself in delicious organic food. At this Sofia restaurant you can try all Bulgarian meals.

Tambuktu, Fish restaurant in Sofia

Tambuktu-Fish restaurant
Tambuktu is an excellent choice if you want to spend nice time in a fish restaurant, where you can watch how the fish is prepared. Tambuktu is situated in the city center and is surrounded with many night clubs.

Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Restaurant Olives is situated in the heart of Sofia city. The perfect location in combination of delicious cuisine makes Olives restaurant an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Spaghetti Company
Spaghetti Company is Sofia restaurant situated on the back side of TZUM shopping center. Delicious choice!

Le Dome – French restaurant in Sofia

Le Dome
Le Dome is a French restaurant in the city center, where you can chose from more than 80 types of wine. The cuisine is mainly French and oriental and you can’t try typical Bulgarian meals there, but definitely good choice for a business meeting or romantic date!

Sushi bar in Sofia

Sushi Bar
This sushi bar is in the heart of Sofia city, the sushi is delicious and you definitely will fall in love with Bulgarian wine that goes so good with Japanese food.

Japanese restaurant - Sasa

Sasa Japanese restaurant
Sasa is ? high class Japanese restaurant. It is situated on the 18th floor and you can have spectacular view along with perfect sushi and other Japanese dishes.

General info about Sofia restaurants

If you plan to have fun at the city center you will find that on a small area there are very good restaurants which are different in style, cuisine and mood.

It is always good idea to have cash, especially if you want to tip the waiters. If you pay by credit card you can’t write on the check the amount of the tip. I’ve never seen splitting the bill by more than one credit card, but you can ask and they can do it manually (when I was in USA, I saw this is a normal procedure to split the bill on 4 credit cards for example).

The usual tip is around 15-20% from the bill and is paid cash. For example if the bill is 50 leva (BGN) you give the waiter 1 bill of 50 leva and 1 bill of 20 leva and say to the waiter “Sixty”. This means that you round the bill to 60 and the tip is 10 leva, the waiter will give you the change 10 leva.

In Bulgaria we have drinks and meals in the following order beverages, liquors, salads, entries, main dishes, desert, coffee and can finish again with liquors :).