Flea Market in Sofia

Antiques or just old things? Come and see!

The flea market in Sofia, this one which is next to Alexander Nevski Cathedral, is very interesting place.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

You can see strange people sell old weapons, jewellery, music instruments, medal, coins etc.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

The sellers always pretend that their goods are antiques, original and unique – who knows maybe they are right :).

If you are a fan of such markets, by all means visit this one next to Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

Watch how looks flea market in Sofia

You can’t just go strait trough flea market, because there are very kind people who want to show you something, of course it is on the best possible price, they almost sell it for no money :). Do you like to haggle about the price? This is your place!

What I like here are embroidery and necklaces made from semi precious stones.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

At the middle of the flea market, there is a small street aside, where you can find great variety of icons by Bulgarian artists. I bought icon of Virgin Maria for my mom and she loves it. It is great place to choose from hundreds of icons. There are big, middle and small sizes. Sometimes the artists are also the sellers and you can speak with them about their art work.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

If the day is sunny, this place looks amazing – icons illuminate under the sun shine and there is something in this place. Maybe the proximity of Alexander Nevski cathedral also gives magic to this place.

The whole market is no longer than 200 meters, but it worth to be seen.

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