Mall of Sofia

Usually in my weekend schedule there is always booked visit at Mall of Sofia. I like this place not because of shopping possibilities but because this is a place where young people love to go for a coffee, to meet friends, to watch the latest movies and of course there are hundred shops.

Watch the atmosphere at Mall of Sofia

Usually we fist go to the third floor to buy cinema tickets, because the good seats are sold very quickly – I like to watch movie at the center of the row and at the center of the cinema hall. You need to buy thickets minimum one hour in advance if you want to have good seats. I like to have 2 hours for coffee and shopping before watching movie.

Watch me at Onda Café

After that we go to Onda Coffee Shop – I like this place very much, because they make the biggest and the yummiest cappuccino in Sofia. You can choose from small, medium and large sizes – of course I always take the large size. Like Starbucks (we don’t have this chain in Bulgaria) they offer cinnamon, different type of sugar and other additives.

Watch me at Casyopea

When you go out from Onda Coffee Shop, turn right and very close is Casyopea Aromatherapy Shop. This is a small store full of aroma goods. They have more than 20 fragrances – vanilla, apple, pine, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon, tea, strawberry, coconut, banana etc. They sell soaps on kilo; you can choose how much you want. If you want to buy soap for a present they have packages looking like regular soaps.

At Casyopea shop you can buy candles – different sizes, shapes, colors and fragrances. I am a big fan of aroma candles and if you visit this shop you will be too. Other present ideas are Casyopea perfumes, massage creams, special face masks and scrubs.

Watch me at Jeff de Bruges Shop

On the first floor of Mall of Sofia is chocolate shop called Jeff de Bruges. Here you can purchase hand made sweets – I like all of them :). My secret to try as many as I can is to be with a friend and to split a sweet by two parts and to eat only the half of every sweet. The other good thing is when you bite the half you can see what is inside – because every sweet from Jeff de Bruges shop is unique and there is a surprise inside. I am not sure whether you can buy presents from this shop, because of limitations at the airport, but I am sure you can ask the owner of the shop for help, he is very kind and I am sure he knows a way how to bring his sweets abroad.

Watch me at Ninka Shop

On the second floor of Mall of Sofia I like to go in Ninka Shop – this is the Kingdom of cotton sweaters and blouses. I am sure you will go out from Ninka with minimum 3 purchases. Ninka is specialized in knitwear – sport, elegant, casual types. The thing I like much with their clothes is that they are made purely by cotton and that you don’t have troubles to wash the clothes in a machine.

These were my favorite spots in Mall of Sofia, come here, see and write me if you have different favorites.

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