Money Exchange Rates in Sofia

While your plane is landing on Sofia airport may be the first question that comes to your mind is “What are money exchange rates in Sofia?”.

The answer of this question is very easy – you don’t have to care about money exchange rates because in mid-1997, the monetary regime in Bulgaria underwent an abrupt institutional change – from a discretional Central Bank to a Currency Board Arrangement.

In other words in Bulgaria there is fixed exchange rate for euro, 1 euro=1.95583 BGN. All ATMs in Bulgaria operates with local currency – for example if you want to withdraw 100 euros, you will receive their equivalent in BGN (or as local people call to their currency – “lev” is singular form, “leva” is plural form).

There are no fixed exchange rates for other currencies and Bulgarian National Bank announces exchange rate for all currencies (except euro) for every business day, but these money currency exchange rates have only recommendation power.

You can exchange currency in exchange offices, there are many in Sofia. Most of them are ok, but some of them (may be under 5%) have rules written in small letters like additional 7% fare or other).

My recommendation is to withdraw money directly from ATM machine, because ATM makes money exchange automatically and currency exchange rate is reasonable (may be not the most profitable, but fair).

You can find ATMs mostly in the Sofia city center, in every big shop (Billa, Metro, Kaufland, Praktiker), near administrative buildings. In Bulgaria you need mainly cash money, because paying by credit cards is not so popular. Make sure that you always have cash money.

If you want to exchange money in exchange office, than you have to know that you can decline the deal until you haven’t signed the receipt. For example you want to exchange $100, reasonable exchange rate is app. 1,50 BGN per $1. You receive $100 value in BGN and receipt where is written the exchange rate (for example 1,40 BGN for $1), $100, total sum in BGN (140 BGN). You have to sign this receipt and return it to the exchange officer. If you don’t like the exchange rate, don’t sign the receipt and decline the deal. If you sign the receipt it is considered that you accept the deal. Having this in mind exchanging money at exchange offices is not risky.

But do you really want to worry for money exchange rates in Sofia? Of course no, you want to have adventures and to enjoy shopping and night life. That’s why I think ATM is better than currency exchange office.

Now let’s show you the money, no, no, you don’t expect to give you money, do you :)

We have 7 different banknotes, see them below:

1 BGN or app. 0.5 euros. Front side 1 BGN
1 BGN front
Back side 1 BGN
1 BGN back
2 BGN or app. 1 euro. Front side 2 BGN
2 BGN front
Back side 2 BGN
2 BGN back
5 BGN or app. 2.5 euro. Front side 5 BGN
5 BGN front
Back side 5 BGN
5 BGN back
10 BGN or app. 5 euro. Front side 10 BGN
10 BGN front
Back side 10 BGN
10 BGN back
20 BGN or app. 10 euro. Front side 20 BGN
20 BGN front
Back side 20 BGN
20 BGN back
50 BGN or app. 25 euro. Front side 50 BGN
50 BGN front
Back side 50 BGN
50 BGN back
100 BGN or app. 50 euro. Front side 100 BGN
100 BGN front
Back side 100 BGN
100 BGN back
Building of Bulgarian National Bank

You can visit Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) museum exhibition. The first items of BNB’s collection were purchased in the late 20s of XX. The collections were gradually expanded and after 1991 a preparation was started for organising a standing exhibition. The Museum was officially opened on 25 January 1999 on the occasion of celebrating the Bank’s 120th anniversary.

Museum opening times: Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Group bookings: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Closed weekends and Public and Bank Holidays.

Admission is free.

Booking phone number if you dial from Sofia: 9145 1505, 9145 6721, 9145 6375

If you dial from mobile phone: +359 2 9145 1505, +359 2 9145 6721, +359 2 9145 6375

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