How to Distinguish Real from Scam Sofia Taxi Cabs

I highly recommend using taxi cabs in Sofia. Why? Because Sofia taxi rates are low and taxi is much more comfortable than the public transport (which I hate). Your taxi bill for one-way trip for the longest distance in Sofia should not exceed 10 BGN (5 euros, $7). Usually to ride a taxi to a restaurant in city center will cost 3-5 BGN (2.5 euros, $3). But if you catch the wrong Sofia taxi, it could cost 25 euros. (You can calculate how much anything costs in euro by dividing the price in BGN on 2).

Normal rates for Sofia taxi cabs:

  • 0.50 BGN (0.25 euros) – initial fare
  • 0.50 BGN per kilometer during the day and 0.60 BGN during the night (after 10 p.m.)
  • 0.15 BGN per minute idle time – traffic or stopped

My definition for a scam taxi cab is that this is a cab with rates 2 or more times higher then these written above.
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Olives – Sofia Restaurants Reviews

Olives – Sofia Restaurant Movie

entrance Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Olives is not a typical Sofia restaurant. You can feel American style everywhere – small tables (usually tables in Bulgarian restaurants are bigger), walls are full of American signs with funny captions, and the cuisine is a combination from Bulgarian, American and Italian food. The big entrance door needs strength to be pushed, it is better to have companion and to push it together :). I made a picture in foggy Sofia evening, you can see the fog :).
»» Olives – Sofia Restaurants Reviews

Map of European Union

On the 1st of January, 2007 the map of European Union was enlarged with 2 more countries – Bulgaria and Romania. With this accession the number of countries members of EU became 27.

map of European Union
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