Spaghetti Company – Sofia Restaurants Reviews

Watch the environment at Spaghetti Company

Culinary Journey at Spaghetti Company

Kitchen at Spaghetti Company, Sofia restaurant

What I like at this Sofia restaurant – Spaghetti Company – is the way they prepare the food – you can see everything – of course only if you want.

You can see what the cook takes, what he puts and if you go close enough you can see the cooking process in details.

If you turn your eyes to the left from this point of view, there is a kitchen’s extension – this is the place where they prepare food on something like barbecue.

Rumi at Spaghetti Company, Sofia restaurant

My favorite dish at Spaghetti Company is Tuna Steak over tagliatelle and vegetable paste.

You can order tuna steak according your taste – middle or well backed over barbeque.

I like to take with it a glass of white wine or a brand of aromatic beer, Murphy’s is excellent choice.

Chicken fillet with herbs at Spaghetti Company, Sofia restaurant

For meat lovers there are choices between chicken and veal.

Barbequed chicken fillet with herbs and vegetables is one of the restaurant’s specialties.

Rice with sea food and oloves, Sofia restaurant

Other remarkable dish is rice with sea food and olives. I am not sure how exactly they prepare this – the rice is neither dry, either too juicy.

I wonder how they reach this pinky-red color. Tell me if you uncover the recipe!

I like very much lettuce salad with salmon and parmesan cheese – put some olive oil and balsamic vinegar – I promise you will eat this to the end of world :)

Quattro Fromaggio Pizza in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

I recommend this place not only because of the food but also for the perfect location.

Spaghetti Company Sofia restaurant is at the first floor of TZUM shopping center.

It has two entrances – from the mall and from the back side of the mall.

If you want to enter from TZUM, then Spaghetti Company is right behind the perfumes shop on the first floor.

Spaghetti Company is a good choice for business, friendly or spontaneous lunch and dinner.

Bill for two people is app. 40 BGN (20 euros or $27), if you drink wine, add 15-40 BGN per bottle.

I am not sure about paying by credit card, always have cash money in Bulgaria.

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