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entrance Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant

Pod Lipite is a must visit Sofia restaurant. The entrance is small and wooden but inside there are two halls, large enough to accommodate 100 people. There are tables for 4 to 10 people. The atmosphere is Old Bulgarian style. Walls are made of stones and you can see bunches of dried red peppers, garlic and onions over them. The old way to preserve peppers, garlic and onion was to weave rope around them and hang them on the wall of the house.

When you enter the second (the bigger) hall on the left side there is huge grill, warmed with coals. They say this is the perfect way to prepare meat and vegetables on the grill.

Rumi in Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant

Waiters are professionals (in cheap restaurants you’ll often find you’re served by a girl or boy who never taught waiters job, but don’t worry this doesn’t influence the good quality of food) and you can ask them for recommendations, explanations and what you want to learn.

I highly recommend this place and promise that you will taste typical Bulgarian cuisine.

Last time when we visited this Sofia restaurant we ordered:

Mish Mash Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • Mish Mash – made from eggs, peppers, onion, tomatoes fried for a while. Mish Mash is interestingly served in a copper frying pan and you serve yourself with a big wooden spoon.
Tarator Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • Tarator is very good to be eaten alone or with Mish Mash. Tarator is cold soup made from small cut cucumbers, yoghurt, cold water, salt, garlic and fennel.
Garlic dampers, Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • I highly recommend small rolls flavored with garlic.
Shopska salad, Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • Shopska salad is a must; you have to order this salad in every Bulgarian restaurant lol.
Apetitka, Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • Apetitka – this is vegetable paste made from tomatoes, red peppers and hot peppers.
Tikvenik, Pod Lipite, Sofia restaurant
  • We finished with Tikvenik – a dessert made from filo pastry filled with grated pumpkin, cinnamon, walnuts, and sugar all baked together. You must try it
  • Grilled chicken fillet.

It is common mistake to try as much as you can from Pod Lipite and at the end we only want to have a bed close by and climb into it :).

  • There is good wine list from red and white wines.
  • Restaurant is good for vegetarians, they can choose from 20 choices.
  • Waiters are good.
  • Menu in English is available.
  • Bill for two people: 50 leva (25 euros, $33), includes: salad, entry, main dish, and beverage. Bottle wine is between 10-30 leva (5-15 euros, $7-$20). Other alcoholic drinks are between 2 and 8 leva (1-4 euros, $1-$5).
  • You need cash to pay, you can’t pay by credit card here.

For reservations:
If you dial from GSM: +359 2 866 50 53 or +359 2 866 50 59
If you dial from Sofia fixed line: 866 50 53 or 866 50 59

Address: Sofia, district Lozenetz, 1 Elin Pelin Str.

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