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Olives – Sofia Restaurant Movie

entrance Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Olives is not a typical Sofia restaurant. You can feel American style everywhere – small tables (usually tables in Bulgarian restaurants are bigger), walls are full of American signs with funny captions, and the cuisine is a combination from Bulgarian, American and Italian food. The big entrance door needs strength to be pushed, it is better to have companion and to push it together :). I made a picture in foggy Sofia evening, you can see the fog :).

When you sit, a menu immediately appears, brought by the waiter. The menu looks like a newspaper. Different meals are listed under different section of this newspaper. While choosing the entry dish you can read funny facts about food and drinks. For example I learned from Olives menu that Bulgaria is the first Eastern European country that started to produce Coca Cola in own factory.

Leffe beer in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

You can choose from typical Bulgarian Shopska salad, or Italian pizzas and pasta, or American style French fries and fried onion circles. In this Sofia restaurant I felt in love with Leffe beer. Dou you know that the first Leffe beer was brewed around 1152 and that there are 5 different beers in the Leffe range? I tried only 1 type, if you come to Sofia, bring me a present some of the other types of Leffe :)))))))).

Trout with herbs in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

This beer perfectly fitted to my choice of trout with herbs and white sauce and big salad made of two types of green salad. You get Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar with every green salad.

Rumi in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Olive oil is not so popular in Bulgaria, mainly because its price is much higher than sunflower oil (the most widely used oil in Bulgaria). One criterion you can rate a restaurant on is if they provide olive oil or only sunflower oil. Reputable restaurants have both.

Quattro Fromaggio Pizza in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

Pizzas here are simply perfect – very thin dough and lots of fill over. The pizza shape is not traditional circle but long oval. You have to try quattro fromaggio – pizza with 4 types of cheese – delicious!

Signs in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

The most remarkable thing in this Sofia restaurant, are signs and posters all over the walls – they are so many! You can read funny captions while you are eating.

Signs in Olive’s, Sofia restaurant

If you need to visit the washroom (toilets) there will be a challenge when you want to wash your hands, but I leave this puzzle to you, be surprised and find the way to wash your hands :).

  • Bill for 2 people is about 40 leva (20 euros, $27); if you drink wine, add 10-30 leva per bottle.
  • Menu in English is available
  • Olives restaurant is vegetarian friendly
  • I forget to ask about paying with credit card :( be prepared to pay cash

For reservations:
If you dial from GSM: +359 2 986 09 02
If you dial from Sofia fixed line: 986 09 02

Address: Sofia, 12 Graf Ignatiev Str. (or as local residents called this street “Grafa”)

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