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  • Sofia News January 2008 – paintings of Bulgarian monasteries

    Sofia news – where and what to visit in Sofia in January 2008 – paintings of Bulgarian monasteries and »»  Sofia News January 2008  »»

  • Sofia News, Where to go before Christmas.

    Article by Ali Grigorova

    Sofia news – To visit the workshop of Santa Claus

    There is a workshop of Santa Claus in front »»  Sofia News December 2007  »»

  • Sasa – Japanese restaurant is in hotel Hemus in Sofia.

    For reservation: +359 2 963 54 14; +359 885 88 90 80

    Go to the hotel Hemus in Sofia »»  Sasa – Japanese Restaurant in Sofia  »»

  • Popa, The Priest – the small square or to be more precise, the small triangle locked between the central streets of Vassil Levski Blvd, Graf Ignatiev Str »»  Popa (The Priest) – Popular Places in Sofia  »»

  • I like to eat in Sofia restaurants because the food is perfect quality and I enjoy having a talk with friends while drinking good wine.

      Sofia Restaurants – Sea Food in Tambuktu  »»
  • Etara, or Etar is old Bulgarian village, now it is a village-museum, where you can touch the past!

    Article by Ali Grigorova

    You are walking on the beaten track »»  Etara – Return to the past  »»

  • New Bulgarian University pulls many young people ready to take up the knowledge.

    You can feel the dreams and hope in the air.

    The variety, the freedom, the contemporary »»  New Bulgarian University in Sofia  »»

  • Eat delicious Sushi, drink Bulgarian wine and have fun in Sofia.

    My favorite sushi bar in Sofia is at Denkoglu street, it is on walking distance from NDK »»  Sushi Bar in Sofia at the Heart of the City  »»

  • To Discover the Land of Orpheus, The Devil’s throat and Yagodinska caves.

    27 kilometers away from Devin, not far from the border that separates Bulgaria and Greece, is »»  Trigrad  »»

  • Kardzhali municipality, Rotary club and Istikbal foundation initiate reconstruction works of the oldest known fountain Aishe Molla. The plan is to renovate not only the faucet but »»  Reconstruction works of the oldest known fountain (faucet) started in Kardzhali  »»